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Enhancing Lives and Enriching Souls in their Golden Years

GHAR supports the elderly at their residential facility by offering caring support at a reasonable cost. As a passionate senior living home in Pune, we provide comfortable and well furnished single and double bedded rooms for senior living with basic healthcare facilities and recreational activities like indoor games, yoga, meditation and excursions. Our staff provides responsible and caring assistance to promote independent living while creating a nurturing environment that fosters relationships between the elderly and children.

Homely Atmosphere
Homely Atmosphere
A cosy and homely environment where residents feel at ease, surrounded by all necessary amenities for their comfort.
Medical Care
Medical Care
Doctors visit weekly & on call. Regular medical checkups ensure the residents' basic healthcare needs are met & addressed promptly.
Courteous and Caring Staff
Courteous and Caring Staff
Our courteous and caring staff includes housekeeping and dedicated attendants who ensure optimum care and utmost attention.
Healthy Living
Healthy Living
GHAR offers facilities for a healthy lifestyle including a gym, a meditation hall and yoga sessions to promote physical and mental wellness and a lovely sit out amidst lush greenery.
Nutritious Meals
Nutritious Meals
Fresh, healthy, and nutritious food is served at GHAR. A well equipped kitchen caters to our residents' dietary needs.
Flexible Rental Plans
Flexible Stay
We offer both short and long stay for our residents enabling them to choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget.

Comfortable Living Spaces

  • Well furnished rooms with attached bathrooms
  • Entertainment and Indoor Games
  • A Well-furnished Gym
  • A Meditation Hall
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Medical Support
    (With Doctors Visiting Every Week and on Call)
  • Physiotherapy on a required basis
  • Backup power
  • 24 hours security

Expert Care for the Elderly

With our endeavour to create a cheerful and lively atmosphere for our senior citizens, GHAR provides a home where seniors and little ones bond together as a family. Fostering a genuine sense of family among three generations, providing a nurturing and affectionate environment and offering enjoyable entertainment and activities that facilitate strong bonding between residents; GHAR is a home where family bonds blossom.

Peace of Mind: Our Comfortable Accommodation

GHAR Building
Senior-Friendly Infrastructure
Comfortable Dining Space
Comfortable Dining Space
Senior Friendly Infrastructure
Senior Friendly Infrastructure
Comfortable bedroom
Well-Furnished and Well Ventilated Single Bed and Double Bed
Comfortable Living
Comfortable Living
Bathrooms with Grab Bars
Bathrooms with Grab Bars
Good Medical Care
Good Medical Care
Gym for Health and Fitness
Gym for Health and Fitness
Yoga and Meditation
Yoga and Meditation
Corridors with Support Bars
Corridors with Support Bars
Serene Sit Out with Swings
Serene Sit Out with Swings
Surrounded by Lush Greenery
Surrounded by Lush Greenery

Join Us to Make the World a Better Place for our Elders

We celebrate birthdays and organise excursions to places of interest. Our home is conveniently located near the best hospitals, markets and the airport and railway station and amidst lush greenery making our retirement home in Pune an ideal choice for senior citizens. We also have a spacious sit-out with a garden, a gym and a meditation hall and an adequately equipped doctor’s cabin.


Hear from Our Residents and Their Families

Frequently Asked Questions

GHAR's primary objective is to provide support and care for vulnerable individuals, including the elderly, women living with paralysis, and orphaned girls. Our facilities include comfortable living spaces, entertainment options, basic medical care, education and skill training, fitness and health programs, and a safe and nurturing environment. Our goal is to empower and improve the overall well-being of those in our care. If you have any further questions about GHAR and the services we provide, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

What are the accommodation options available at Ghar – Senior Citizen Home?

At GHAR we offer three types of occupancy options for our residents - Single, Double, and Twin sharing. In single occupancy, one senior resides in a room whereas in double occupancy, two related seniors share one room. Twin sharing is when a senior shares a room with another non-related senior. We provide comfortable and spacious rooms with attached bathrooms and all necessary amenities for our residents. The choice of occupancy can be made based on the individual's preference and requirements.

What kind of services are included in the Senior Citizens home package?

Our package includes a range of services to support the needs and requirements of our residents. These services include nutritious meals, medical and nursing assistance, daily housekeeping, attendants and full time caregivers on a need basis and activities for social interaction and entertainment.

Can you explain the medical and nursing assistance provided?

Our medical and nursing assistance includes periodic health checkups and medical assessments. We have qualified visiting doctors who ensure regular updates and can be made available in times of emergency. Residents can also be provided with full-time caregivers or attendants on a chargeable basis depending on their needs.

Do you provide medication management for residents?

Yes, we provide medication management services which include dispensing prescribed medicines as per the prescription.

What kind of regular activities are available for residents?

At GHAR we strive to provide an environment of a home and amalgamate three generations under one roof as one large family. Senior citizens can mingle with the younger generation, educate them about life skills and help them to evolve into conscientious human beings with the love and care of grandparents. We also celebrate all festivals with fervour and have music and dance sessions, games, social events and access to a library and computer room. Health activities like yoga and meditation are also conducted.

How are food and special nutrition managed?

At GHAR we believe that a healthy and balanced diet is crucial for our residents' wellbeing. Meal plans are suited to the residents' preferences and nutritional requirements. We take into account any food allergies, dietary restrictions and medical conditions of our residents to ensure that they receive the best possible care.

What can I expect to pay for my stay at GHAR?

Our maintenance charges depend on the type of occupancy.
Single, double or twin sharing occupancy options are available. Our charges cover the costs of nutrition, basic medical care, TV, housekeeping, gym and other common facilities. We allow short term stays for a period of a few months.

Are visitors allowed to visit residents?

Sure! We understand the importance of social connections for our residents. Our visitor policy allows family members and guests to visit during visiting hours.

What kind of events and activities are organised at GHAR to keep residents engaged?

We at GHAR believe in providing an enriching and enjoyable living experience to our residents. We organise various events and activities including music sessions and excursions to nearby places of interest. Additionally, we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and all festivals and ensure that our residents feel connected and loved. Our indoor games and activities, outdoor park visits and in-house library provide ample opportunities for residents to socialise and stay active. We also offer yoga and meditation sessions and visits from volunteers.

Are there any additional fees for participating in events and activities at GHAR?

No, there are no additional fees for participating in events and activities at GHAR. The in-house events and activities are included in our maintenance charges and residents are welcome to attend as many as they would like to. We do want our residents to have access to a wide range of activities and events without any financial burden.

What kind of meals are served at GHAR?

We serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and tea/coffee with snacks.

Can I request for special dietary requirements?

Yes, we take note of any specific dietary requirements based on your health conditions.

Can you explain the admission process for GHAR?

Sure, the admission process is as follows:

  • You can fill out the enquiry form on our website or call us directly to schedule a visit.
  • Visit GHAR to see how we operate and access first hand if it is suitable for you or your loved ones.
  • Fill the registration form with your proof of identity.
  • A registration amount is required to secure your booking and reserve your accommodation.

We can then plan your move-in date based on your convenience and availability.

Location Benefits

GHAR is very centrally located with easy access to public transport and major hospitals. It is situated in a peaceful area amidst lush greenery and away from the hustle and bustle of city traffic, yet very close to all amenities, such as markets, hospitals and transport hubs. The location offers a safe and secure environment for senior citizens to cherish their golden years and to live independently with peace of mind.

  • Located Centrally
  • Lush Greenery Around
  • Proximity To Markets, Hospitals, Airport, And Railway Stations
  • Located in the vicinity of a Mandir and Gurudwara