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Do become a part of the journey we have begun and contribute generously to a cause that we know is close to everyone’s heart and spread the word and get more well wishers on board. GHAR is not just about us; GHAR is about each and every one of those seen and unseen faces, even those who are unable to contribute in any manner. GHAR is about all of us.


Help Us Reach Our Goal

Online Donations

Donations are eligible for tax exemption u/s 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Our Causes

Make a Big Difference through Small Efforts

Sponsor an Entire Day's Food
INR 10,000 /- for one day
Your contribution will provide healthy nourishment to underprivileged children and make a meaningful impact in their health and growth.
Sponsor Healthcare & Medical Expenses of Disabled Women
INR 6,000 /- per woman per year
This includes the cost of medicines, medical tests, sanitary pads and physiotherapy; does not include hospitalisation, major ailments and surgery.
Sponsor a Girl's Education (Education corpus)
INR 60,000 /- per girl for one year
Includes school/college/ tuition fees, text books, stationery, uniforms, transport and educational outings
Sponsor a Meal
INR 4,000 /- for one meal
Your contribution will provide a healthy and nutritious meal to underprivileged girls and help them to lead healthier and happier lives.
Sponsor Healthcare and Medical Expenses of a Girl
INR 4,000 /- per girl per year
This includes the cost of medicines, medical tests and sanitary pads; does not include hospitalisation, major ailments and surgery.


Help Us in Kind

We welcome your support to provide dry rations, clothes, stationery and books for children and toiletries for our beneficiaries. Your contribution can make a significant difference in improving their lives and ensuring their well-being. Thank you for your generosity.

Children's clothing
Pants, T-shirts, Shoes, socks, Sweaters,( all in good condition ) etc.
All year round
Pens, pencils, backpacks, books, text books, colors etc.
All year round
Rice, Pulses, Wheat, Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Sugar etc.
All year round
Children's learning and development goods
Educational games, toys, Informative books etc.
All year round
Gym equipment
Weights, physiotherapy equipment etc.
All year round