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Our aim is also to empower every individual under our roof through quality education and skilling.

At Ghar, we aspire to create fulfilled lives for those in need through everything we do. Our work is centred in our seven-storeyed home, where our main facilities include childcare and an orphanage home for marginalised young girls, a paralysed women’s home, and a senior living space for the elderly. While fostering a sense of family through this richly diverse community, the aim is also to empower every individual under our roof through quality education and skilling, as well as the opportunity to become productive and employed members of society. 

We ensure that every member of Ghar is further taken care of by providing them with nutritional meals, medical help, recreational activities, and self-development workshops! With sufficient infrastructure and our team of trained staff and volunteers, we are able to make Ghar a safe and uplifting place for the vulnerable.

A Picture of Two Young Girls

We aspire to create fulfilled lives for those in need through everything we do.

mission iconOur Mission

To set up sustainable homes for orphan and marginalised girls and educate and empower them; the differently-abled to make them productive members of society and chart a new tomorrow for them; the elderly to enhance their quality of life; to inspire humanity.

vission iconOur Vission

Making the lives of orphans and marginalised children, the differently-abled and the elderly secure, productive and fulfilling.

concept iconOur Concept

To set up integrated homes for orphan and marginalised girls, women with locomotive disabilities and the elderly, wherein each component complements the others; and to create an environment of a home - of belongingness, security, good education, a sound future, hope and care and affection.

Our Journey

How It All Began…

Colonel Mickie Uberoi (Retd), the Founder Trustee, had dreamt of starting an orphanage at a very young age when he was still a cadet in the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla. In 2007, he took premature retirement from the Army to give wings to his urge to help the underprivileged and to serve humanity. Over the years, he has educated children from poor families, has treated and rehabilitated a paralysed person, and has helped to uplift the poor in various ways. 

As the calling within him to give wings to his dream grew over the years, so also the conflict brewing within intensified. Where was the money for creating the infrastructure and the operational expenditure going to come from? After all, he was just a pensioner with only a modest source of income. The urge, however, prevailed, and he finally set forth to construct a seven-storey building with his life’s savings and borrowed funds to create Ghar.

An encounter with young paralysed women in a rehabilitation centre for paraplegics and getting to hear their stories germinated the idea of a home for paraplegics wherein paralysed women from the underprivileged sections of society would lead a life of dignity and get mainstreamed in society. The home for the elderly was conceptualised for both the elderly residents and the children to partake in each other’s company and the natural bonding and affection that would come about among them. Thus was born Ghar - an abode for orphan/marginalised girls, women with locomotive disabilities, and the elderly.

Ghar is about the opening of doors, about opportunities, about making a difference in the lives of people.

Change the world with us.


Recognitions for Our Dedicated Services

Highlights of the recognitions and appreciations received by GHAR for our services towards the elderly and orphaned children. These awards are a testimony to the organisation's dedication towards providing a nurturing and safe environment for its residents.

We are proud to announce that GHAR has been awarded "The Best NGO in Disabled & Elderly Support" at the GNE Awards 2021. This award is a testament to our commitment towards providing quality care and support to the elderly and individuals with disabilities. We thank the organisers and the jury for recognising our efforts and will continue to strive towards creating a better future for our residents.


Officially Recognized and Registered

GHAR is a legally registered public charitable trust. Our registrations ensure that the Foundation operates with transparency, accountability, and in compliance with the laws of the land while carrying out its charitable activities. We are registered under the following Acts/Govt. Agencies:

  • Societies Registration Act, 1860; Registration No. 1994/2018 dated 19/12/2018.
  • Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950; Registration No. F-52168/Pune dated 12/02/2019.
  • Niti Aayog; Unique Id No. MH/2019/0241931 dated 11/09/2019.
  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs CSR Regn No. CSR00006172.

GHAR has been granted approvals that enable donors to claim tax exemptions on their donations. This allows the trust to receive donations from individuals and corporates who wish to support our various programs and initiatives aimed at helping the underprivileged and marginalised communities. We have been granted approvals under the following provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961:-

  • Section 12AA (CIT Exemption Order No. ITBA/EXM/S/12AA/2018-19/1015334680(1) dt 28/05/2021). Regn No. (u/s 12AB): AAXTS2665LE20198.
  • Section 80G (CIT Exemption Order No. ITBA/EXM/S/80G/2019-20/1015746893(1) dt 28/05/2021). Regn No. (u/s 12 AB): AAXTS2665LF20198.
  • PAN No.: AAXTS2665L
  • TAN NO.: PNES65418D


Financial Transparency and Accountability

GHAR is committed to transparency and accountability. Our financials are audited every year, and we are proud to share our Audit Reports with our supporters and donors. These reports provide a detailed overview of our income, expenses, and activities, and demonstrate our responsible stewardship of the funds entrusted to us.