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Providing Hope and a Brighter Future for Orphaned Children

At Ghar, we provide our girls a loving and caring environment, healthy nutrition, good healthcare, security, and good education and all that it takes to ensure their overall growth and development into honest and conscientious human beings. Ghar takes care of the emotional needs of girls in need of care and protection and provides them with good education and all other facilities that are needed to make them realise their full potential in academics, sports, arts, and culture and to become capable to participate and compete in all activities.

Girls (6-18 years of age; presently we have 5-16-year-old girls). Girls who are in need of care and protection, as defined under section 2 of the Justice Juvenile Act, 2015, are admitted through a judicial process. These include orphans who have no one to look after them, abandoned children, street children found without parents, children of sex workers who are vulnerable, children of single parents who are unfit and incapacitated to care for and protect their children, etc. Such children are produced before the Child Welfare Committee and, after due inquiry (social investigation report), they are sent to CCIs.

Ghar is about giving our girls meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling lives and them learning how to use that to make an impact and a difference in the lives of others. We envisage that they will carry the message of humanity, empathy, and goodness to their respective worlds and impact people’s lives in times to come.

Providing the Gift of Education to the Under-Privileged Children

Except for four bigger girls, all the other girls are educated in good English medium schools. They are also provided extensive in-house tuitions by a team of tuition teachers in our classroom named “Pathshala”. In view of their earlier circumstances, many girls have never been to school earlier.

Classes in English are also being conducted to make them versant with the language. Activities, including art and drawing, and yoga, are regularly conducted. Girls are encouraged to participate in school programs (dance, songs, etc). Educational outings/excursions are periodically undertaken. Educational scholarships to needy children are provided. Presently, we are doing so for one girl.

The trust also supports the education of marginalised non-resident children and conducts awareness campaigns and workshops on child protection and on aspects of humanity.

Weekdays: School followed by tuitions and study hours till evening. Watching TV and playtime in the evenings. Sundays. Yoga in the morning followed by maths and English classes till 4 pm. Watching TV and playtime in the evenings. All festivals are well celebrated.

The civil infrastructure has been designed to house the childcare institution/orphanage, a home for paralysed persons, an old age home, and educational facilities for children; and to meet the requirements of the inmates of the institution keeping in view of their special needs. The infrastructure is of superior grade and quality, is spacious, has good ventilation, is secure, has a lift, has fire fighting arrangements, has a large water storage capacity, has a large play area for children, and is well located.

The childcare institution/orphanage comprises four spacious dormitories, a kitchen and pantry, a dining room, well-furnished bathrooms and toilets, and a large play area for children in which playground equipment is installed. Two large halls house a classroom and an activity cum computer room and library.

Improve Access and Quality of Education

Educate a Child Today

Ghar has a spacious sit-out with a garden, a gym and a meditation hall. Ghar also houses a doctor’s cabin duly equipped with adequate medical equipment and an examination table for regular checkups of residents and for monitoring the growth of girls.

Health and nutrition. Girls are provided a well balanced healthy and nutritious diet. 

Celebrations and Festivals. All festivals and occasions (Independence Day, Republic Day etc) are celebrated with fervour.

Workshops. Workshops on sex education, safe and unsafe touch and the menstrual cycle are conducted. Workshops on cartoons, calligraphy, making lamps and motivational classes are also conducted periodically.